How do I place an order?

Orders for new tanks can be placed here online, via email to kevin@rhsgas.com or over the phone at 415-316-8506.

How do I handle tank exchange?

If you’re picking up a refill just bring your empty tank in to swap it out for a full one.

For 20# tank exchanges via shipping, the tank will be to be left over overnight to make sure it is fully evacuated of all hydrocarbon vapor. All labels must be removed from the tank and box, then the tank can be boxed and up ship as non-hazmat.

For 100# tank exchanges, we will send over a Bill of Lading for the freight company. You’ll need to print two copies, one for the driver to take with him and one for you to keep. When they deliver your full tank they will pick up your empty to return.

What is the difference between iso-Butane and n-Butane?

N-butane has a vapor pressure of 17 psi at 70degF, versus isobutane which is 44 psi at 70degF. The higher vapor pressure means the isobutane will evaporate at a lower temperature.

What is the difference between Propane and Butane?

Propane has a vapor pressure of 107 psi at 70degF. It will boil at any temperature above -44degF. When using propane, make sure to check the pressure rating on all equipment, and be sure to follow manufacturer specifications and guidelines.

Do You offer quantity discounts?

We offer quantity discounts starting at 4 tanks at a time, or per month, with the discount applied to the first purchase of the next month. Contact us for more information about our volume pricing.

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